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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
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Why Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions give you natural looking, long thick hair that last until you take them out. These extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths and thickness to best match your natural hair color and texture.

We use Great Lenths hair extensions which are created using exclusive coloring and bonding techniques. This ensures your hair extensions will stay looking and feeling great until you decide to take them out.

The Application Process

Depending on the length you choose for your extensions, the process can take anywhere from 1 hour and can go up to 4 hours. The application process is a natural bonding process that mimics your own hair. The extensions will feel and look like your natural hair and can be easily removed by a trained Great Lengths stylist.

Colors, Textures and Length

Hair extensions can be permed to fit the texture of your own hair. There are a variety of colors available. The colors range from naturally occuring hair colors to every color of the rainbow that reflect a personal style.

Hair extension length varies depending on your personal choice. You can go from a short bob to long cascading waves in just a couple of hours.

Great Lengths

We only use Great Lengths hair extensions at Cheveux Salon. This ensures you are getting the best quality hair extensions in the industry. Our stylists are trained Great Lengths stylists and they can help you choose the right extensions for your hair.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Information

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